New Leaf Staging, LLC - Stage your house to Sell.  Style your home to Dwell.
Staging Consultation
Contact us to complete a thorough staging consultation and written report for your property.   What you can expect:
  • We will meet you at a time convenient for you and do a complete house walk-thru, going room by room. 
  • With your permission, we'll take notes, photographs, and gather basic information from you and/or your real estate agent about the property.  
  •  A detailed Staging Consultation report will be prepared within 48 hours and we'll meet again to talk through the report for your understanding. 
  • The report will outline your "no cost strategies" for home staging, "low cost strategies" and any key investments we've identified to facilitate getting your property sold quickly and for top dollar. 
  • A copy of the report will also be provided to your real estate agent if you like.
  • For the "Do-It-Yourselfers" who have the time and energy, you can work from the Consultation Report, use it as your checklist,  and complete the staging on your own.   
  • Consultations range from $150.00 to $500.00 depending on square footage of your property. 
Staging Implementation
We are available to implement as much or as little as the homeowner needs help with based on the staging consultation recommendations and the homeowner budget. Our staging services include:
  • clearing and packing clutter and/or items we won't be using in the staging process
  • rearranging and editing of furniture and accessories
  • using as much as possible homeowner's current inventory of furniture and assessories to work within Homeowner's budget
  • cleaning out and organizing closets, bookshelves, pantries, and cabinets.
  • highlighting focal points in each room
  • guiding paint color selection and painting, hardware upgrades and installation.
  • repurposing or updating homeowner's items as needed, e.g., brass fixtures can be spray painted rather than purchasing new ones
  • installing front and backyard landscape enhancements and curb appeal improvements
  • transporting unwanted items to charity organization on your behalf
  • arranging for delivery of storage boxes/packing materials
  • shopping as needed, e.g., updated bed ensembles
  • obtaining quotes from vendors for more complex projects if needed, e.g., scheduling the work and meeting vendors on site, overseeing the work in homeowner's absence (major painting, repair, electrical, applicance delivery, etc.)
Room Redesign and Staging to Dwell
Maybe you are not selling your property but simply want to update one of the rooms in your home and have it function for you and your family better.  You want a fresh look but don't want to invest in an interior design service. This is a similar process to staging but more taste specific to homeowner and dependent upon homeowner needs. Some of what you can expect includes: 
  • working with the homeowner, identifying what is working and not working in the space and confirming the goals of the room
  • complete clearing out of the space to be redesigned
  • "shopping" in the other rooms of the homeowner to identify other furniture items or accessories that could be used in the redesign process
  • cleaning out and organizing closets, bookshelves, pantries, or cabinets in the space
  • highlighting focal point in room or creating a focal point in the absence of one
  • facilitating paint color selection, hardware upgrades and/or painting as needed.
  • shopping for and purchasing any key accessory or item that is deemed necessary to meet the needs of the homeowner
"Clutter eats equity."  -Barb Schwarz, Creator of Home Staging®
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