New Leaf Staging, LLC - your home staging professional
Turning over a new leaf?  Selling your house part of the plan?
New Leaf Staging can coach you through the staging process!
We specialize in occupied homes, weaving our creativity and resourcefulness so that we primarily use what homeowners already have to stage their  property. We partner with both the agent and the home seller to showcase the best features of your property so that the property stands out from others on the market.  
It's a buyer's market today. Sellers, you must set your property apart from others if you want top dollar and you want to get your property sold.
Consider this analogy. If you were going on a job interview would you show up unkept, unshowered, and wearing frayed shorts and a wrinkled T-shirt in hopes of getting a job offer?  You may be a great candidate for the job but the job interviewer can't get past how you have presented yourself in the interview!
The same principle  applies to selling your house. Why would you show your house the way you live in it in hopes of getting an offer from a buyer?   Your property may be a great fit for a buyer, but buyers can't get past the clutter, the dirt, or furniture to figure this out on their own. This is where  Homestaging® comes in. "Homestaging helps a buyer mentally move into a property".  And a buyer will not make an offer, until they can do this!
Remember, how you live in your home and how you market your home is very different!  -Barb Schwarz, Creator of Home Staging®.
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